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Good for a Laugh...

Lockdown freed up a lot of extra time and like many of you, I tried to be as proactive as possible.

Zoom and internet definitely softened the blow of isolation, opening up a world of online Meetups and courses, not to mention G&T Zoom socials, but one of my favourite Zoom experiences during this time has had to be Jane Postlethwaite's 3-week course: How to Write Comedy for Stand Up, Sketches & More.

Jane Postlethwaite is a Comedian, Writer and Actor with an impressive CV and she runs a series of comedy writing courses aimed at women.

The How to Write Comedy for Stand Up, Sketches & More course was split over 3 two hour sessions during which time she covered a comprehensive list of subjects including joke structure, timing, general writing tips and each session was full of writing exercises with constructive feedback offered.

Jane ran an efficient, super relaxed class, full of laughter and warmth and in three short weeks, I went from just wanting to learn about Stand Up to feeling like "I can totally do this".

That's no mean feat and an absolute testament to Jane's teaching style.

I will definitely be signing up for future courses and cannot wait for my first Stand Up gig.

If you're interested in reading more about Jane Postlethwaite's classes, check out her website here: or her Facebook page here:

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